Hello, pet owners from Barangay Bel-Air!

The Makati Veterinary Services Office (VSO) will start its free microchip implantation for dogs and cats on February 13 and 14, 2018 from 9 am to 4 pm. 

An updated anti-rabies vaccination is a requirement for the implantation of the free microchip for your pets, so we are requesting all pet owners to bring their pet’s vaccination card to the venue. 

Microchipping is the mandatory pet registration method in the City of Makati. Also, only microchipped pets are entitled to enjoy the free services of the Veterinary Services Office like anti-rabies vaccination, deworming, and consultation. 

For pet owners, please take note of the following: 

- The free microchipping for pets is exclusive for #Makatizens only. Please present your yellow card or voter’s certificate

- no proof of anti-rabies vaccination, no microchip

- we strongly discourage any rough movement for the pets for the next 24 hours after microchipping to ensure that the microchip will implant properly; 

- only healthy animals will be implanted with the microchip. If your pet is sick, have your pets treated by a veterinarian and return your pets to the VSO office for implantation when it gets well;

- pregnant pets will be implanted with microchip 2 months after it has whelped

Please check this page for updates on the microchipping schedule for the rest of the barangays. 

For questions or concerns, you may call the VSO at: 834-1166 or ‎889-7949 

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