- Single Filipino female
- 17 – 25 years old
- Lives, works, or studies in Makati
- At least a high school graduate or is in grade 12
- At least 5’5” tall
- Is conversant in both Filipino and English
- With good moral character


Registration forms are available from the ff:

  • Downloadable from
  • Museum and Cultural Affairs Office (MCAO), 7/f Makati City Hall Bldg. II  
  • Barangay Hall of all Makati Barangays


Screening of Candidates will be held in Museo ng Makati, J.P. Rizal St., Barangay Poblacion on the ff. dates:

  • District I Barangays         May 15, 2018
  • District II Barangays        May 16, 2018

*Come to the screening with basic make-up and in smart casual attire


For more information, please call the Museum and Cultural Affairs Office at 8701711 or 8962464 or visit


REQUIREMENTS (to be brought on the screening day):

1. Completely filled-out application form (downloadable from or physically obtained from the Museum and Cultural Affairs Office, 7/f Makati City Hall II or the Barangay Hall of all Makati Barangays)

2. Birth Certificate

3. Three (3) recent 5R photographs
    1. 1 close-up shot
    2. 1 medium shot
    3. 1 full-body shot

4. Written endorsement by the Punong Barangay of the community to be represented

5. Any of the following documents that apply:
     1. Proof of residence (Makati residents)
     2. School certification (Makati students)
     3. Employment certificate (Makati employee)

*The documents obtained from the barangay, employer/company or school should also attest to the applicant’s good moral character. 

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