Frequently Asked Question

  • General Questions

    • +What is the Makati City Portal?
      The Makati City Portal serves as a personal conduit to all city information, as well as a personal assistant not only for Makati City residents but for the visitors to be aware of city-related activities.
    • +Do I Need to become a registered member of MCP (Makati City Portal)?
      Access to personal calendar, Makati City Webmail (for makati city employees only), My.Profile, My.Resume, and online job matching are limited to those who are registered members of MCP. These are the ONLY sections of the site that require registration as of now. However, it is recommended for Makati residents to have a registered account for they will most benefit the membership in the future. Note: You will need a valid e-mail address for registration
    • +How do I change my password?
      You can change your password by logging in to your MCP account. At the My Profiles section, click the change password link.
    • +Where can I submit suggestions regarding the site?
      Suggestions and comments can be submitted at the write us section, or can be posted at the forum section.
    • +Which Browser Does MCP Support?
      MCP is committed to supporting the following browsers: AOL, Netscape, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer in a 1024 x 768 resolution. It is recommended that you possess the most recent version of browsers for a more optimize, reliable and compatible experience.
    • +How can I tell if I am logged in?
      Below the banner of MCP displays a welcome message with your username if you are logged in. If you are not logged in, you see a login form instead. You have to be a registered member to have a login user name and password.
    • +How do I start a discussion / topic?
      You start a new discussion by starting a new topic. To start a new topic, choose the appropriate forum category area by using the locators on the Forums page to bring up the message board for that area. Note that you cannot post any new topic or reply if you are not logged in or not registered. click ADD TOPIC icon and compose the message for the new topic by filling in the subject and message body in the appropriate fields. Click the Post topic button to post the first message for the new topic.
    • +How do I reply to a message?
      Every thread has a Reply form at the end of the message. Note that a user has to be a member and is logged in before he/she can post any replies to the thread.
    • +Can I remove a message I have posted?
      You cannot remove a message once it has been posted. Only editing can be done by the one who posted the message. The member should be responsible on what data / information that he/she is posting.
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