Relentless on-street operations, road safety drive in Makati net over 58,000 traffic violations in five months


July 10, 2017

Ref.: Makati ICRD, 8998938



Relentless on-street operations, road safety drive in Makati net over 58,000 traffic violations in five months



Makati Mayor Abby has warned motorists anew against disobeying traffic rules in the city, citing over 58,000 traffic violations recorded by the city Public Safety Department (PSD) from January to May this year as a result of strict enforcement of traffic rules and conduct of on-street operations without let-up.


“Our traffic enforcers and other PSD personnel are under strict orders to apprehend disobedient motorists and conduct daily on-street operations against illegal parking, illegal terminals and other violations that cause traffic congestion within the city,” Mayor Abby said.


The mayor also urged residents and the riding public to report abusive and reckless drivers through the city’s official social media accounts.


Concerned citizens may send their complaints through My Makati Facebook page and Twitter accounts, @MakatiTraffic and @Mayora_Abby.


“Abusive and reckless drivers should not be tolerated anywhere. We urge commuters in Makati to make use of their cellphones to record abuses and report these immediately through our social media accounts. It is important to include details such as the plate number, type of vehicle and location so that our enforcers can respond promptly,” Mayor Abby said.


Based on the latest report from the Ordinance Violation Receipt Redemption Management Division (OVRRMD) of PSD, Disobedience to Traffic Control Signs and Signals topped the list of 58,753 violations during the five-month period, with 15,349 tickets issued.


Other leading violations reported include Disregarding of Lane Markings with 10,607; Illegal Parking, 6,966; Obstructing Roads by Motor Vehicles, Stalled Vehicles, 6,582; and Non-use of Seatbelt, 3,510.


Other apprehensions made by PSD from January to May include 395 for reckless driving, 391 for Colorum Operation of Passenger Vehicle, and 13 for Illegal Terminal.


Since Mayor Abby assumed office in July last year, the PSD has been continuously conducting its operations on major thoroughfares and streets in the different barangays to promote safe and walkable streets and improve traffic flow in the city.


From July to December last year, PSD recorded a total of 63,172 traffic violations in the city.


Teams from PSD, with assistance from barangay officials and city agencies, such as Makati Action Center, Department of Environmental Services and Department of Engineering and Public Works, and the Makati Police, have conducted on-street operations to clear the streets of illegally parked vehicles, illegal terminals used by public utility vehicles, sidewalk vendors, and other obstructions.


Among the barangays covered in the operations to date are Guadalupe Nuevo, Pembo, South Cembo, Carmona, Bel-Air, Valenzuela, Comembo, Cembo, Pinagkaisahan, Pitogo, Pio del Pilar, San Antonio, San Lorenzo, San Isidro, Bangkal, West Rembo, East Rembo, Palanan, Olympia, Poblacion, Tejeros, and Rizal.


Meanwhile, apprehended motorists can redeem their driver’s license at the 7th floor, Makati City Hall Building II, from 8am to 5pm daily, Mondays to Fridays.


Under the Makati City Traffic Code, disobedience to traffic control signals carries a fine of P2,500 and/or suspension of driver’s license and, for a public utility vehicle, suspension of Certificate of Public Convenience.


For the complete list of penalties for traffic violations under the Makati Traffic Code, visit



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