Makati awards P100,000 cash gift to city's 42nd centenarian


September 11, 2017

Ref.: Makati ICRD, 8998938



Makati awards P100,000 cash gift to city’s 42nd centenarian



Makati Mayor Abby Binay recently visited the city’s 42nd centenarian at her home where she personally awarded a check for P100,000 as cash gift and a plaque of recognition, as part of the city’s grateful tribute to its elderly citizens.


The mayor expressed pleasure at being able to meet Makati’s newest centenarian, Mrs. Salvacion L. Fantonia of Barangay West Rembo, who is the 20th awardee during her term.


“I am honored to meet one of the oldest living pillars of our community. I consider it a rare privilege to be able to somehow express our gratitude and appreciation for our elderly residents, whose contributions to our progress are immeasurable,” Mayor Abby said.


Mrs. Fantonia was born on June 22, 1917 in a family of 15 siblings. She became a widow in 1959 and as a single mother of four, raised and supported her children Loreto, Estrelita, Aurora, and Lily by doing laundry for others.


To make both ends meet, her eldest child, Loreto, helped her by selling “pandesal” and newspapers and polishing shoes.


At present, Nanay Salvacion is in good health and can still walk with the help of a walker.


City Ordinance No. 2012-099 entitles Makati senior citizens who are Blu Card holders to a one-time P100,000 cash gift upon reaching 100 years old. It serves as a tribute for their significant contributions and role in the history and development of the city.


The latest awardee was able to meet the criteria set by MSWD, the lead implementer of the Blu Card Program, as follows: 1) must be a Filipino citizen; 2) must be a bonafide resident of Makati; 3) must have reached 100 years old between January to December of the current year; and 4) must be a Blu Card and White Card holder for at least five years.



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