Makati conducts road right-of-way demarcation; warns residents, establishments against encroaching on sidewalks, streets


October 9, 2017

Ref.: Makati ICRD, 8998938


Makati conducts road right-of-way demarcation; warns residents, establishments against encroaching on sidewalks, streets


As part of its thrust to restore order and discipline in the streets of Makati, the city government of Makati has undertaken the Road Right-of-Way (RROW) Demarcation Project to clearly mark sidewalks and other areas which must be kept free of any obstruction or encroachment, in compliance with local and national laws pertaining to public domain.


On the orders of Mayor Abby Binay, the city Department of Engineering and Public Works (DEPW) has been continuously conducting RROW demarcation along the streets of barangays in the two districts, covering a total of 985 streets to date.


“Clearly marked boundaries separating sidewalks and other public domain from private property line would leave no excuse for anybody to encroach on or obstruct them in any way. These are also meant to ensure that our personnel would properly implement regular clearing operations,” Mayor Abby said.


In a report to the mayor, DEPW chief Engr. Lauro Reyes noted that their operations to date have covered 442 streets in 14 barangays in District I and 543 streets in 11 barangays in District II.


In District I, the DEPW has completed road demarcation along 32 streets in Brgy. San Isidro; 13 streets in Kasilawan; 15 streets in Carmona; 53 streets in Olympia; 35 streets in Tejeros; 18 streets, Sta. Cruz; 21 streets, Valenzuela; 79 streets, Poblacion; 38 streets, Palanan; 13 streets, Singkamas; 22 streets, La Paz; 33 streets, Pio del Pilar; 39 streets, San Antonio; and 31 streets, Bangkal.


In District II, DEPW has marked 34 streets in Guadalupe Nuevo; 22 streets, Guadalupe Viejo; 38 streets, Cembo; 32 streets, Pitogo; 21 streets, Pinagkaisahan; 35 streets, South Cembo; 53 streets, West Rembo; 57 streets, East Rembo; 41 streets, Comembo; 101 streets, Pembo; and 109 streets, Rizal.


The road demarcation project of Makati is pursuant to Municipal Ordinance No. 93-330 and the National Building Code.


Municipal Ordinance No. 93-330 prohibits the parking of motor vehicles and installation of business stalls or similar objects which restrict, impede or obstruct the free flow of pedestrian traffic on the sidewalks of all streets in Makati.


Under the ordinance, all business stalls and other similar objects found on or along sidewalks of all roads and streets shall be penalized. On the first offense, a notice of warning will be served to the owner/operator of the stalls to remove their stalls within two days. On the second offense, a grace period of two days is given for the removal of the stall, after which the city government has the authority to demolish and confiscate the said stall.


Illegally parked vehicles will be subjected to towing and impounding, and will only be released to the driver, owner, or operator upon the payment of its towage fee and penalties as provided by the city traffic code.


On the other hand, Chapter 10, Section 1002 of the National Building Code states that (a) No part of any structure or its appendage shall project into any alley or street, national road or public highway except as provided in this Code. (b) Footings located at least 2.40 meters below grade along national roads or public highway may project not more than 300 millimeters beyond the property line.


(c) Foundations may be permitted to encroach into public sidewalk areas to a width not exceeding 500 millimeters; provided, that the top of the said foundations is not less than 600 millimeters below the established grade; and provided further, that said projection does not obstruct any existing utility such as power, communication, gas, water, or sewer lines, unless the owner concerned shall pay the corresponding entities for the rerouting of the parts of the affected utilities.





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