Makati police arrest 379 suspects in anti-crime operations since May


July 11, 2018

Ref.: Makati ICRD, 8998938



Makati police arrest 379 suspects in anti-crime operations since May



Makati Mayor Abby Binay lauded the local police department for its effective day-and-night anti-crime operations throughout the city that have resulted in the arrest of 379 suspects since last May.


Based on its latest report to the mayor, the Makati Police has arrested 117 suspects for illegal drugs, 177 for illegal gambling, and 85 suspects with outstanding warrants of arrest from May 10 to June 30.


The mayor praised Makati police chief SSupt. Rogelio Simon for the remarkable outcome of the intensified street patrols and crime prevention measures that have been implemented since he took his post last May 10.    


“On behalf of the people of Makati, I thank our chief of police for making a serious effort to keep our streets and communities safe by keeping a tight watch on criminal elements and illegal activities,” Mayor Abby said.


The mayor also underscored the importance of cracking down on petty offenses, such as playing cara y cruz on the streets, as these can spawn more serious crimes like illegal drugs if left unchecked.


In the past two months, the Makati police conducted 64 anti-illegal drugs operations, which led to the arrest of 117 drug personalities and confiscation of around P48,000 worth of illegal drugs.


A total of 52 anti-illegal gambling operations conducted led to the apprehension of 177 offenders, of whom 52 adults have been charged.


The police were able to serve a total of  101 Warrants of Arrests which resulted in the apprehension of 88 named accused, including Makati’s Top 10 Most Wanted, Jose Marri Salvacion. He was nabbed last May 19 in Barangay Rizal after trying to evade a checkpoint.


Cases solved by the local police during the said period included 12 cases of Robbery, two Homicide, nine Physical Injury, 25 Theft, one Rape, one Illegal Detention, one Illegal Possession of Firearms, one Fencing, and one Pilferage.


Last month, the city government of Makati turned over a total of 26 brand new patrol vehicles to the Makati police department, including 18 units of Mitsubishi Strada and eight units of Toyota Avanza.


To further improve mobility during operations, motorcycles will soon be provided to the city police to facilitate patrol operations in narrow streets and alleys and to speed up response to crimes in progress especially during rush hour traffic.


Mayor Abby also said the city will provide body cameras to the city police to entail a level of transparency and fair resolution and to both protect the law enforcers and civilians in the city.



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