Former VP Binay, Mayor Abby sign Peace Covenant for 2019 local elections


March 27, 2019

Ref.: Makati ICRD, 8998938



Former VP Binay, Mayor Abby sign Peace Covenant for 2019 local elections



Mayor Abby Binay and former VP Jejomar Binay and other candidates of Team Performance took part in Tuesday’s signing of a Peace Covenant and Walk for Peace at the University of Makati (UMak). 


The elder Binay is part of Mayor Abby’s “Team Performance” which also includes re-electionist Vice Mayor Monique Lagdameo, and re-electionist 2nd District Representative Luis Campos.


“The peace covenant symbolizes our hope for a clean, peaceful and violence-free elections in Makati. It’s 2019 and our electorate is intelligent and discerning. They are no longer swayed by threats or acts of violence. I and the rest of Team Performance are fully committed to this covenant. No blood needs to be spilled in any election, and innocent people do not have to die,” Mayor Abby stressed.


Mayor Abby also appealed to all candidates, especially their political opponents, not to resort to scare tactics or spreading false information to confuse the public. She said that while politics can get dirty, it does not have to hamper the delivery of social services and benefits due to the people of Makati.


Candidates for the May elections walked together and met in the middle of the UMak track oval to release white doves - a known symbol of peace and integrity. They also recited a pledge of integrity which reads:


“I sign this integrity Pledge for free, orderly, honest, peaceful, and credible elections, and through my words and actions, commit to abide by the tenets of our Constitution, election laws, rules and regulations, respecting the sanctity of our electoral exercise. I will not employ any form of violence force, or threat that may impair, impede, or unduly influence the free exercise of the people's right of suffrage. I will ensure the prompt and accurate reporting and disclosure of campaign-related expenses. I will not offer or give bribes or gifts to corrupt the integrity of our democratic process.


As a candidate seeking the people's mandate in order to serve them, I shall respect the norms of conduct expected of public servants and commit to run a clean campaign, observing, fairness, common decency, honesty and good faith. Through our words and actions, I and all who stand with me shall fight against discrimination in all forms; we shall promote gender sensitivity in the campaign; and we shall not tolerate any form of violence against WOMEN IN POLITICS.


All these, I commit and subscribe to, freely and voluntarily, fully accountable to Almighty God and to the Filipino people as my witness.”


Attendees likewise signed the Integrity Pledge document and wall. The peace covenant signing was witnessed by representatives from the Philippine National Police-Makati, Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting, and Commission on Elections.


Team Performance members came in full force for the covenant signing. They are: 1st District Councilors Virgilio “Jhong” Hilario, Luis “Jojo” Javier, Martin Arenas, Carmina Ortega, Armando Padilla, Rene “Rebo” Saguisag, Jose “Joey” Villena, and Alcina “Alcine” Yabut; and 2nd District Councilors Dennis Almario, Maria Dolores “Doris” Arayon, Benedict “Bodik” Baniqued, Joel “Bong” Ariones, Arnold “Sammy” Cruz, Ives Ebrada, Edralyn “Ed” Marquez, and Kristina “Ina” Sarosa. 


Meanwhile, former mayor Junjun Binay and his running mate Monsour del Rosario, along with their candidates for councilor, were no-shows at the peace covenant signing.




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