Mayor Abby orders inspection of all gov't, private buildings to determine structural integrity after earthquake


April 23, 2019

Ref.: Makati ICRD, 8998938



Mayor Abby orders inspection of all gov’t, private buildings to determine structural integrity after earthquake



Makati Mayor Abby Binay has ordered the Office of the Building Official (OBO) to immediately conduct inspections of all private buildings in the City to determine their structural integrity and other safety concerns following Monday’s earthquake. 


In a memo she issued immediately after the earthquake, the mayor has also instructed the Department of Engineering and Public Works (DEPW) to inspect all public buildings and ensure their structural integrity and safety.


The mayor has also called on private establishments to give their full cooperation to OBO inspection teams that have been deployed today to conduct rapid damage assessment on their premises.


“All building management and administrators are strictly ordered to allow unimpeded access to the inspection teams and provide the needed information and cooperation to ensure a thorough and speedy assessment,” the mayor stated.


Mayor Abby said she has instructed the OBO and DEPW to submit daily inspection reports for her perusal and appropriate action.


As of this writing, three inspection teams have been deployed to Century City and Rockwell Center, two teams to Circuit Makati, and a team each to Rufino Tower, Pacific Star and Eton Tower.


Inspections are also underway in other buildings in the City Hall complex, UMak and other public school buildings, Ospital ng Makati, barangay halls and health centers, multi-purpose and covered courts, Makati Homes I and II, and other public structures in Makati.


In its latest report to the mayor, the Department of Education-Makati said there have been no reported major damage in most of the schools. Only Makati Science High School and La Paz Elementary School have so far reported minor cracks on the wall of some comfort rooms, and on the perimeter fence, respectively.


After the earthquake yesterday afternoon, Mayor Abby immediately ordered the deployment of the Makati Search and Rescue (SAR) Teams to go around the city and assist people who may have been affected.


Additional public safety, police and barangay personnel were deployed to assist in the traffic management as there was an increase in motorists and commuters going out of Makati’s business district.


The Makati Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (DRRMO) also activated its mobile command vehicle at the Makati City Hall Quadrangle to serve as its Incident Command Post, in line with disaster response protocols.


Personnel manning Makati C3 (Command Communication and Control Center) at the 22nd floor of City Hall, who were evacuated along with other City Hall personnel, proceeded to the mobile command vehicle where they resumed operations.


The mobile command vehicle is capable of creating a network of communication for DRRM Operations Center and is equipped with a portable weather monitoring system, video encoder surveillance hub, built-in 4G/ LTE cellular modem, and Wi-Fi connectivity that enable it to provide prompt assistance. It also receives information on the ground. 


As of today, first responders from the Makati DRRMO, Makati Social Welfare Department and Makati Health Department are on stand-by and ready to provide assistance to Makatizens in need.


All barangays are currently being assessed for damage by their respective safety officers.


Essential City Hall personnel have also been granted access to the City Hall main building after the Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis (DANA) team of OBO and DEPW inspected and declared it safe.


Meanwhile, classes in public schools such as the University of Makati have been suspended pending the inspection and assessment by DEPW.


Certain malls and other private establishments have also temporarily closed operations to perform structural inspection of their premises.


Makatizens are advised to stay calm but alert and be prepared for possible aftershocks. For assistance, you may call hotline 168 or use the SOS function on your Makatizen app.




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