1. Previous Mayor''s Permit/License issued


2. Official Receipt of payments - 1st to 4th quarters of the previous year


3. Declaration of Gross Sales/Receipts for the preceding year, number of employee/s, floor area (in sq. meters) of the office/factory or premises/compound occupied


4. Residence Certificate A and B for single proprietorship, C and C1 in case of corporation or partnership for the current year


5. Income Tax Returns and Financial Statements (FS) for the preceding calendar year which were filed with the BIR on the current year


     Example: Income Tax Returns and FS for the taxable year 2012, which were filed and paid with the BIR on or before April 15, 2013


     For Consolidated FS, attached breakdown of gross sales/receipts from other City/Municipality.


     For Fiscal year FS, attached breakdown of gross sales/receipts from January to December.


6. Barangay Clearance


7. SSS Clearance


8. Public Liability Insurance - (Exempted, Sari-Sari Store / Carinderia)