1. Certificate  of no record from the Local Civil Registration  Office (LCRO);
  2. Certificate  of no record from the National Statistics Office (NSO);
  3. Valid Identification cards of applicant  and document owner and Affidavit of Out-of-Town Reporting attested by two disinterested persons, for event outside of Makati;
  4. Original copy of unregistered COM with signatures or certified copy of it from the Solemnizing  Officer (SO);
  5. Affidavit for delayed registration  executed by the SO or the person reporting or presenting the COM, the facts and circumstances surrounding  the marriage and reason or cause of the delay;
  6. In the absence of old marriage certificate, certified copy of solemnizing  officer''s record/registry  book;
  7. Affidavit of secretaries,  witnesses and contracting parties;
  8. Certified copy of the marriage license or certification  that license was issued together with Marriage License Application;
  9. Certified copies of children''s birth certificates;
  10. Certificate  of no other marriages (CENOMAR) for both parties;
  11. Four (4) copies of reconstructed COM, if no original was presented, and other requirements under timely registration of marriage.

Note: The Civil Registrar may require submission of other documents which he/she may deem necessary