1. Upon completion  of the necessary  requirements; fill up application form and submit the unregistered  copy/draft of the certificate and its supporting evidences at the Registration Division of the LCRO.  Register on the official log for transaction numbering  and secure follow-up slip (3-5 mins.);

  2. On the scheduled date, verify status of application  at the Registration Division.  If acceptable  for registration, secure Order of Payment.  If not, secure City Civil Registrar's (CCR) advice for compliance  and set appointment  for interview (3-5 mins.);

  3. Pay prescribed processing fees at Miscellaneous Taxes Division and secure 0.R. (10-20 mins.);

  4. Submit OR to processor and check the contents of the prepared COLB/COD/COFD/COM, affix signature  before the CCR for the administration  of oath for FREE.

  5. Note:  For Makati events, applications will be posted for ten (10) days. For out-of-town  reporting, applications  will be forwarded to the con­ cerned CCR of other cities/municipalities.

  6. Receive instruction from CCR on the date of follow up, for Makati events.  Applicants for out-of-town  event shall purchase Postal Money Order (PMO) payable to the City/Municipal Treasurer of the concerned  city/municipality to cover cost of registration.  Submit PMO to the Officer-in-charge of out-of-town  process and secure copy of the transmittal letter;

  7. Note:  If nobody opposes the application after ten days of posting for Makati events,  application will be turned in for registration  together with the timely received documents;

  8. For out-of-town  reported events, applicant will be informed of the release of his/her personal copy upon receipt of the registered document.   (The process usually takes 1 to 2 months.)

  9. On the scheduled  date and time of release, present the follow up slip at Registration Division to get the owner's copy of the registered certificates.