1. Certificate  of no record from the Local Civil Registration  Office (LCRO);


2. Certificate  of no record from the National Statistics Office (NSO);


3. Valid Identification cards of applicant  and document owner and Affidavit of Out-of-Town Reporting attested by two disinterested persons, for event outside of Makati;


4. Any two (2) of the following documents to show registrant''s name, date and place of birth, and parents'' information:(the more the better, the oldest the best)

    a. Original baptismal certificate;

    b. Certified copy of form 137 I school records(HS, Elementary, Nursery,  Kinder or Prep);

    c. Certified copy of the registrant''s medical record;

    d. Income tax return of parents or registrant

    e. if a voter, Certified copy of voter''s affidavit; 

    f. if employed,  Employment  service record;

    g. if insured, Insurance  policy;

    h. The least acceptable supporting documents, if only one of the above is available,  Barangay Captain''s certification, or affidavit of two disinterested  persons who might have witnessed  or known the child''s birth;


5. Affidavit of Delayed Registration  at the back of the COLB;


6. If married, Certificate  of Marriage (COM);


7. For Foreign Nationals- parents'' passport or travel documents;


8. Four (4) copies of duly accomplished COLB and other requirements under timely registration  of birth.